Gameplay upload time?

So I’ve got my computer setup (I think) for commentary and gameplay of PC games. Problem is there’s not much to play right now. I am playing through KOTOR…would anyone be interested in watching it or simply fine it cool for me to upload my gameplay with/without commentary?

I suppose I could upload the first section (prologue on the ship) as a test…maybe i’ll do that tomorrow.


This means I would play through ALL the swoop races, Pazaak, and quests I can find. It would be a full gameplay experience and I’m sure the more I do the more I will get used to speaking to you guys when I’m at my computer by myself, lol.

That said, are there any games you would like to see me play through now or in the coming months?

(Here is what my Gamestop pre-order list looks like)

Tomb Raider (360)

Last Of Us (PS3)

Possibly Bioshock Infinite…and others will get put into the basket I’m sure.


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Top 2012 in Gaming

So I’ve played a lot of board/card games this year and I want to put them in order of my favorite.

  1. Star Wars X-Wing                              45 Mins – 1 Hr+
  2. Resident Evil DBG                              30 Mins – 1 Hr+ 
  3. Flash Point                                           15 Mins – 45 Mins
  4. Tentacle Bento                                    15 Mins – 45 Mins
  5. Tanto Cuore                                        30 Mins – 1 Hr+
  6. Settlers of Catan                                 30 Mins – 1 Hr+
  7. Cash and Guns                                   10 Mins+
  8. A Game of Thrones (LCG)               45 Mins – 1 Hr
  9. Star Trek (DBG)                               1 Hr+
  10. Eaten by Zombies (DBG)                 10-50 Mins
  11. Space Munchkin                                25-45 Mins
  12. Munchkin Booty                                25-45 Mins
  13. Thunderstone (DBG)                       45 Mins – 1 Hr+
  14. Star Wars: Epic Duels                      20 Mins 
  15. Ascension (DBG)                              45 Mins
  16. Kill Doctor Lucky                              30 Mins
  17. Lemming Mafia                                 20 Mins+
  18. Lord of the Rings LCG                      30 Mins+
  19. TOMB                                                 Haven’t Played enough  
  20. Anima                                                 Haven’t Played enough
  21. Ninja Burger                                      Haven’t Played enough

I think that does it…I think I got them all.

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2012 Wishlist

Christmas 2012 is upon us…so I decided to make a wishlist before I start getting nagged about it too much, below is what I’ve started finding and wanting. I’ll be updating as often as I find things.

Smallville Season 10

Supernatural Season 2, 3,  and 4 on BLU-RAY

Anime I don’t have

Mardock Scramble

Black Lagoon

-LOTS of others

Elgato Game Capture card

Avenger’s Blu-Ray

Avatar Special uber edition Blu-Ray (the most expensive one with lots of extras)

RedHead Layout Duck Blind

Walking Dead Season 1-2 Blu-Ray


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So you like Steampunk worlds/ideas and innovative gameplay? Check out DISHONORED!

Hands down this game has made me think 1 thing: WOAH! I had a feeling for the longest time that Dishonored would be overshadowed by RE6 and Assassin’s Creed III, and left to flail beneath those giants. While that may or may not be true, the game itself is great! If you liked BIOSHOCK, or the Elder Scrolls games, then you will immediately notice the similarities between those games and DISHONORED.

You can choose to play a gun-toting vigilante, void of stealth OR you can be the sly guy in the shadows, and not even kill anyone…or anything in between. It gives a decent amount of space to run around (about the size of BIOSHOCK areas) and the weapons are pretty fun and useful most of the time. You will either be a pistol user or a Crossbow user from what I’ve seen. (I’m totally crossbow)

If you are looking for something new to check out…give this game a shot. While I can’t say much for it’s replayability, I can say that I dig the game and I can see ti being like Bioshock that I still want to take out and play from time to time.

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A Resident Evil Reboot…what I’d do.

So if I were to remake the Resident Evil franchise, either forgetting about everything already done, or have things happen in a different place, I’d forget everything. I’d wipe the slate clean to make it easier to follow. I’d start with a new character and build from there. It’s worth noting that I will be pulling from things I would have done differently in other RE games as well.

1. New character.

We need someone different. No one can replace Leon or Claire or Chris or Jill. We need new people to fill their own roles. Here’s what I would do: Start with a character that’s not even close to previous characters. Japanese (maybe half American) man living in Japan who knows english well enough, but who obviously likes the japanese language more and uses it throughout when he is scared/angry/happy/etc. This will help build depth in him. I would then make him either an ordinary citizen who lived in America for a while with some relatives (who immigrated to) in Oklahoma and hunt or something and while there he got into using guns and hunting, even though it was hard for him to pull the trigger on an animal knowing he held it’s life in his hands. I think someone like Daniel Dae Kim would do pretty well in terms of looks. He has that intensity of being able to fight and be angry while still being able to draw people in by being close and subtle. He doesn’t look like the Hulk (CHRIS) either. He would do well (even though he’s not Japanese) for the basis of this new character. What about a name…how about…Akio. Short simple, and has a strength to it.

2. Weapons

Lets keep it simple for once. It’s kinda dumb to work for half the game to get my pistol all maxed out just to realize I could sell it and buy another that’s better that I have to then upgrade all over again. Let’s use a system where we meet someone who can mod our weapons to upgrade them with whatever we find and maybe some of the things we find are usable in either pistol OR shotgun OR Machine gun and so on. Let me make choices based on what I WANT to shoot. Some things of course will have enough parts for both, and anything I sell can be bought back from this “merchant”. Maybe multiple types of pistols that you can save up and towards the end of the game have enough pieces to trade the merchant for a whole gun of that type. So what weapons would I put in the game?

Knives/Swords: Let’s face it, the knife sucks. It can’t be thrown, or even stab at zombies rather than slashing. It’s only for opening barrels than those times you’re completely out of ammo. I would make it useful. give Akio a machete type weapon and let him slash AND stab. This is the weapon we will upgrade a lot. But not forcefully. You may choose to not

upgrade or keep all upgrades and only use the one you prefer. Some will have a better critical rate (for instakilling) and some will do more damage, and other will be faster/slower. Eventually he’ll get a katana that he will have to sharpen every so often or the damage will reduce to be very little.

Pistols: Yes more than 1, because I would also like a feature that lets me dual wield them, and because you’ll be picking up pistols off zombie policemen and other citizens for parts. I start with the SIG P230 (which is used in Japan right now) and give the player parts to another couple weapons like:

COLT .36 Caliber revolver

COLT 1911 A1 .45 caliber


SHOTGUNS: A must have for these games. It’s SOO good because it works against the player. When I get it I want to feel invincible for a while, but then something will pop out and when I shoot it I’ll get a surprise…shotgun doesn’t kill it. Then I’m scared again, having to use my pistol or knife. What would Akio find first…I’m thinking a good starter is just a simple 12 ga. pump Remington 870. Something someone could buy for protection or for hunting. Later you would find other combat shotguns like:

Bernelli Supernova

Sawed-Off Shotgun

 Riot Shotgun (or something else powerful)

RIFLES: I don’t see the purpose looking back in the games. I mean, the most I ever used the rifle was shooting emblems in RE5. In 4 I only get it for the Regenerators which are 10 feet from me most of the time (OH GOD WHY?!) There is no reason for the rifle unless I’m aiming at something far enough away. I.E. no tight spaces…which is what RE is all about. I will replace this with…

File:M4A1 ACOG.jpg

MACHINE GUN: Even though no sane person would shoot 50 bullets in 5 seconds with zombies able to come from everywhere, it might be needed in some cases. It can hit multiple targets and if it’s a headshot then that’s all I need. Now what’s a good Machine gun?

Scorpion Evo II


M4 Carbine

GRENADES: Of course we’ll find grenades, but probably not incendiary ones. I’d only put in Flash and regular death bombs.

MAGNUMS: It’s good to have a gun you can depend on only needing 1 shot for most things…this is that gun. Akio would find it mid-game sometime or assemble it if he’s good at finding parts.

MONSTERS: You can’t have a good RE game without dangers that are more than just zombies. You need something primal, that can hunt you. Lickers are good at that…

I think having Monkeys become lickers would make more sense than people…they seem closer to transforming into them, and monkeys are already pretty smart. Maybe the outbreak takes place near a zoo? That could be VERY creepy to walk through…I like it.

So now we have guys like this…where did he get that axe? He had to have made it from an anvil or something…half a plow? It’s threatening yeah, but part of my brain questions why he has it. If he can lift it just give him a sledgehammer and let him swing it like a bat. It’s doesn’t really matter what my enemies hold as long as it makes sense for them to have. Just don’t do this…

Or this… ESPECIALLY THIS! If you read my first post a year ago then you know I HATED this guy. He served no purpose just like Chris and Sheva’s need to stay in the Humvee while having rocket launchers….SO dumb!

RE4 did the same thing with the lake monster (I dunno it’s name), but it was much more immersive and simple. I avoid the monster till I can throw a harpoon, then I stop and look for monster till he surfaces again, and don’t get knocked out. It’s simple, but not too easy. It’s not perfect, but it’s better to throw a javelin than waste ammo on him when it probably won’t pierce his skin.

Ok so the story. Here it is. Akio is taking a vacation to some hot springs…maybe away from the police force or just the city, he leaves Tokyo and heads north to a small village he’s been to before (none of that new city with psychos that somehow no one noticed crap). He talks to some people there he’s made friends with, nice people. He gets a massage from a nice lady who talks with him about his life (got a girlfriend…how are his parents…the city, etc). He is a tad shy to talk about some things like his social life (girlfriend) but does anyway. He falls asleep and wakes up to find out that she’s gone and he’s alone in the room. He looks around, calls out, decides he should put his clothes on and when he walks out the door he is scared by…the lady who was just going to the bathroom. just something to let the player know this is how it’s going to be during the game.

He goes outside and sees an ambulance pull up to the hospital down the road and overhear them talking about bites or animal attack. He thinks that’s a little strange, but goes back to his room. Later he looks out the window to see a fancy truck pull up with a very familiar red and white symbol on it and they take the guy away. He figures they are transporting him to the city…must have been serious…but they go the opposite direction. The next morning he wakes up to the sounds of screaming in the streets. People running from others and seeing some eating animals and even other people! He decides it’s time to get out of here! He packs his carryon quickly and runs out to find there are people shambling in the hall…and they all have blood on them…some shot, some have knives in them or fingers missing…what’s going on!? He rushes back inside and collects himself. This is where he decides to either makeshift some weapons or go out the fire escape.

Choice is another thing I want to setup if I were to change the game. Give the player an option to take a safe way or a dangerous way. Maybe they will have the option of going both ways. For instance, Akio could go out the fire escape and back up to his room or vice versa, but sometimes he may go up a flight a stairs instead of going around the building and the atairs may collapse behind him so he can’t go back that way. Other places may have counters that let the player travel over them 2-6 times before breaking and forcing Akio to get creative. Most ways will be irreversible as much as needed though as it gets annoying to backtrack too much.

So the idea is that the virus was an experiment umbrella uses on some animal or insect that gets loose and bites other animals which leads to people which leads to chaos. Akio has to take charge of this matter when people, including his masseuse and significant other(?) is taken for experimentation…

There’s a lot of room to grow his character and it’s a different spin on the entire series. It feels fresh without changing EVERYTHING or letting zombies shoot me back and all that other unneeded stuff.

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Resident Evil 6 Hates and Hopes


So I moved my preorder of RE6 to Tomb Raider today. I wish I could have liked the Demo, but it just didn’t even feel like a RE game to me anymore, let alone a horror game. I went home and DL’d RE4 on PSN and that helped my disappointment some.

Then I got to thinking about a post I made when I started this blog. It was about what I thought RE6 would be a year ago. It was interesting reading it and seeing how RE6 fixed some of my dislikes in previous RE games despite it’s flawed structure.

The knife is now almost exactly like I talked about previously, which I am glad for.

Also, walking and shooting is good. It feels about right for the series in my opinion. Not too fast, but enough to get somewhere.

It’s also not a reboot, heads up, lol. Though I’m hoping RE7 will be REboot instead. I still want a Japanese character to replace Leon/Chris. I would like to see a Japanese guy replace the Leon type character and another American guy replace Chris. I think it should be Co-op but if you don’t have 2 people then it’s just you and NO AI NPC. I think I will simply think up a storyline for this reboot and post it tonight for fun…what else did I like/hate about RE6… 

It doesn’t feel like a survival game anymore. I had so many bullets towards the end of the demo that I was just kneecapping everything. I also hate the aiming on it. It was so difficult to hit anything. Even RE4 doesn’t move the reticle around that much. Also, I couldn’t read the UI on the bottom left. none of it made sense to me while I was glancing at it trying not to die. EVERYTHING is a white color…nothing green for health or red for ammo or anything. SOOO frustrating.

All that said, I see how a lot of people would pick it up and enjoy it. I hope they do, it’s good to enjoy the games you play, but I can already tell I won’t like it very much.

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A great set of games from the early 90s, but also a game now! X-WING is a new miniatures game by FFG that JUST came out and after having bought and played it I can honestly say that it’s GREAT!

I dunno if Minis are your thing, some people like cards, some like minis, some like both, other like none. Well, if you like minis, then you are going to want to check this out. THe rules are pretty simple and it’s easy to play with 3+ people even though the game is designed for 1v1. You can have Rebels vs Rebels, or even Empire vs empire. But lets get down to the fun parts…

You decide on a point total to build your squadron. Tourny play is 100pts (I think), but you can choose any number you want for casual play. I like 50/75/100 most. Not much lower because this:

Each ship costs 0. It may sound silly, but it makes sense. The majority of the cost is your pilot. Wedge/Luke/Biggs/Vader/Recruit/etc. all cost a certain amount. Now the good ones (Wedge) cost more than the crap ones (Recruit). So X-Wing pilots range from around 21 to 29 points while Y-Wings are 17-25 and TIE Fighters are 14-26 or so. Now the GOOD pilots have special abilities like getting a free dodge or lowering the targets evade roll, while the Recruit types hav no special ability. That said, the stats for the ships remain the same no matter who pilots them.

Some ships get Astromechs, Proton Torpedos, Cluster missiles, Ion Cannons, etc. These also cost points to equip before the game starts and cannot be changed. So you can have R2 with Luke or with a Recruit or on a Y-wing and so on.

Once you are ready to begin, the player with the lowest pilot skill (That’s YOU, Recruit) gets to MOVE first. Then it moves to the next highest and so on until everyone has gone. Then you attack the opposite way. The better pilots get to fire first.

Once you hit or are hit, then you take a damage card face down. If you were critted on, you would take a face up card instead. The damage cards do ll sorts of nasty things from slowing your movement to simply putting an extra damage on you immediately or having you roll for an extra damage each round (that sucks).

That’s the gist of the game and there’s a lot more to it, but I highly recommend you try it out! I’m getting 2 more figures tomorrow. Speaking of which:

Starter comes with 1 X-Wing and 2 Tie Fighters (and all the stuff to actually play the game)
You may then purchase the follow:
Tie Fighter
Tie Advanced (I highly Recommend)
Y-Wing (Highly Recommended)

Soon there will be a release of a Falcon and Slave one (but the generic types) as larger ships that can hold 2 pilots (supposedly)
As well as A-Wings, B-Wings, Tie Interceptors, and Tie-Bombers.

There’s a lot of content coming out, but not enough to overwhelm a player if they don’t have the cash for everything.

Oh, and the models look INCREDIBLE!

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